A treatment used to achieve a lifting effect on the face by inserting threads into the skin. With high grade polydioxanone that fully biodegradable material were used to lift up face, contour adjustment, reduce small wrinkles,  promoting skin elasticity and promote skin texture.


PICTURE : BRIGHTENING INFUSION BRIGHTENING INFUSION This therapy aims to brighten the skin with an infusion system, so the concentration of minerals and vitamins can be directly absorbed by the body through the blood’s vein. PERFECT WHITE SKIN BLEACHING THERAPY Other people a few needle bear fruit. In the end whitening needle how long bear…

Skin treatment uses unique rolling micro-needling system to stimulates the growth of collagen cells and significantly enhances the penetration of skin creams and serums. This treatment is targeted to treat acne scar, stretch marks, acne scar and to produce smoother skin’s texture.


PICTURE : TREATMENT OF MICRODERMABRATION WITH SERUM Microdermabration is a skin-refreshening technique that uses fine crystals to abrade and exfoliate the outermost layers of the skin to remove superficial pigmentation, blackheads and oil cysts. It also refreshes the appearance of skin by aligning skin cells in the top layer of the skin and stimulating collagen…

Placenta therapy is used to rejuvenate skin, slow down aging process, stimulate the growth of new cells and treat skin allergy. The type of placenta used is human placenta, which is the safest and with minimal side effects. The placenta is injected on accupucture points or muscular/tendon area.


PICTURE : TREATMENT OF CHEMICAL PEEL  CHEMICAL PEEL Natural chemical exfoliating agents which contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids are used to improve skin condition and skin texture, promote physiological renewal and soften skin irregularities caused by acne, actinic keratosis and pigmentation disorders. ACNE MASK Salicylic acid – based peels are used to improve a…

Using the latest laser technology with some light waves that specifically targeting to a certain areas to remove unwanted tattoos.


PICTURE : PATIENT DOING A BOTOX  INJECTIONS 1. BOTOX INJECTIONS Botulinum toxin injections to eliminate wrinkles on the face due to expression in 72 hours. Botox can also be used to create the impression of a slimmer jaw, disguise transverse on the neck and reduce excessive sweating. 2. DERMAL FILLER INJECTIONS Dermal fillers help to…

This laser is used to treat disorders disorders of blood vessels in the skin. Work effectively so will not to damage the skin tissue around blood vessels.


PICTURE : TREATMENT OF PEEL PORE FACIAL PEEL PORE FACIAL A special facial treatments designed to take care of your skin, with deep cleansing, blackhead clearings, sebum reduced and oil control serumwill promoting a deep clearing and healthy skin. So we can say “Bye Bye Comedones”. BRIGHTENING FACIAL This treatment gives skin back its youthful….

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