HPV vaccine is a vaccine that prevents infection with certain species of Human Papillomavirus associated with the development of cervical cancer, genital warts, and some less common cancers. This vaccine requires 3 doses to be given over the course of 6 months (0, 2 and 6 months) and is highly recommended for female age 9…

A food that causes an allergic reaction is known as a food allergen. Individuals have different sensitivities to allergens; allergens do not affect all individuals the same. A food allergy is one type of Adverse Food Reaction that is mediated by the immune system. An adverse food reaction may comprise any symptom following the intake…

An early examination uses urine sample to determine the level of heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsen, etc) in our body.


 PICTURE : ONCE A HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS IS DONE, PATIENT CAN DO CHELATION THERAPY  A detailed analysis to determine the level of heavy metals, nutritional elements, toxic elements, and additional elements in the body. This examination is important because each individual needs to maintain the normal balance of these substances in body mechanism.

A simple blood test to find out the actual condition and substances in our body, such as active/inactive red & white blood cell, stress line, etc. This procedure is an early detection program to determine any indication of diseases due to poor diet and lifestyle.

This is the first step to determine an individual’s natural hormone balance. This is a pre-requisite test prior to entering natural hormone therapy program. This test will measure the level of Estrogen, Progesteron, FSH, LH, DHEAs, Testosterone, Cortisol, T3, T4, TSH, Homocysteine, IGF-1 and others.

WELL BEING PROFILE, The Well-being profile is an extended genetic test allowing the exploration of  many metabolic pathways involved in cardio vascular diseases, detoxification, mental fitness, skin health, weight control, a genetic analysis that needs to be carried out only once in a lifetime and required sample material for saliva sample or a blood sample….

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