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The very first step of the Clinique Suisse Life Enhancement Program is body detoxification. Over time, our bodies become overloaded with toxins accumulated from drinking water, food, air pollution, medicine and more. The normal body is unable to handle the concentration of toxins and over time, succumbs to degenerative diseases of inflammation. At Clinique Suisse Jakarta, we provide the following detox programs:

1. Hydrocolon Therapy – Colon therapy is the cleansing of the colon (the major part of large intestine) through the administration of water.  If the large intestine (colon) is filled by impurities which is collected over many years, toxic will spread easily to all parts of the body through  blood stream and caused various kind of disease.

Detox Hydrocolon Therapy can help:

  1. Treat constipation and digestive problem
  2. Treat skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, etc
  3. Improve immune system of the body
  4. Help prevent colon cancer

Colon therapy or colonic irrigation is given by a colonic hygienist or hydrotherapist, through the use of plastic tubes inserted through the rectum and into the colon. A machine or gravity – driven pump sends large quantities of liquid (up to 20 gallons, although some practices report using more) into the large intestine. After filling the colon with water, the therapist will massage the abdomen to help facilitate the movement of waste material, while fluid and waste are carried out of the body through another tube. The procedure is generally repeated several times, and it takes about 45 – 60 minutes.

2. Coffee Enema – This treatment uses organic coffee to remove the toxic deposit in liver. The caffeine in coffee helps enhance the production of Gluthathione – S – Transferase (GST) enzyme which can remove toxic from liver. This detox is highly recommended for people who consume various kinds of drugs, supplement etc.

3. Chelation Therapy – We are surrounded by pollution, containing minerals and heavy metals that can come into and contaminate our bodies with no way to get them out. These heavy metals can cause harmful oxidation to our tissue and cholesterol. Chelation therapy is a safe process and effective treatment to remove heavy  metals in our bodies. Chelation discards heavy metals in our bodies by using EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra-acetic Acid ). The toxic waste will be excreted from our body through urine. EDTA is an anti-oxidant that can cleanse free radicals and heavy metals such as : arsenic, lead, mercury from vehicle pollution, water, foods, medications, etc in our bodies. Chelation can also help treat blood blockage, fix blood circulation and slow the aging process. EDTA is introduced into our body through the blood vessel via infusion. Besides EDTA, minerals and vitamins are also added into the solution infused into our bodies, all of which are very important to our bodies. This therapy usually takes about 90 minutes.

4. Ozone Therapy – The use of ozone to treat various medical conditions was first developed in Germany in the early 1950’s. Today, medical ozone therapy is common throughout Europe and its use has gradually spread in America over the last 25 years. Ozone is found naturally in the body. Pure medical grade ozone, when used according to the established medical guidelines, has a safety record that is unparalleled. Ozone has properties that account for why it works so well, not only for macular degeneration, but also for most other chronic age-related conditions as well:

a. Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system. This means that when the immune system is over-reactive (as is the case in patients with auto-immune diseases), ozone will calm it down. Conversely, when the immune system is under-active in patients with cancer, AIDS and chronic infections, ozone can stimulate it.

b. Ozone stimulates increased uptake of oxygen by stimulating the compound diphosphoglycerate (DPG) that enables the release of oxygen from the haemoglobin molecule so that it can be taken up into the cell.

c. Ozone improves circulation. It does this by enhancing the flow characteristic of blood as a liquid. This effect enables more of the oxygen carrying haemoglobin to reach the capillaries where the cells will ultimately receive more of the oxygen that they require.

d. Ozone increases antioxidant protection more than any other therapy, including vitamin C.

Ozone therapy should only be conducted by professionals who have been fully trained in its use. Auto-therapy is the most common, and in most cases, the most effective way ozone is administered. The patient sits in a chair and has from 6-12 ounces of blood removed into a sterilized bottle. Then ozone is injected into the bottle and the bottle is gently shaken, allowing the red and white blood cells to take up the ozone. The ozonated blood is then returned to the body. The entire procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. Ozone is invaluable in the treatment of heart disease and circulatory disorders. Chronic infections such as hepatitis-C, herpes, lyme disease and AIDS respond very favorably to ozone. It is also very helpful in chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases. It is important to realize that ozone therapy is not a panacea or a miracle cure for all problems. Although it is often an indispensable modality, it is rarely effective by itself. In the great majority of cases, it must be combined with an individualized program of other alternative and natural therapies, such as nutrition and detoxification.

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