This therapy aims to brighten the skin with an infusion system, so the concentration of minerals and vitamins can be directly absorbed by the body through the blood’s vein.


Other people a few needle bear fruit. In the end whitening needle how long bear fruit it. Generally speaking , in the 5 weeks or so you can see the whitening effect :

Treatment Period :
– 1 session a week, total 5 times a month
– A complete Perfect White intravenous for most effective fast result need 3 boxes
– When accompanied with NEOPURE WHITE BALANCE capsule, will see it’s the best and lasting efficiency results.

Session 1:
– Perfect White needle first week : You can obviously feel the whitening needle to the skin repair and nourish, the skin moisture increases, no longer greasy, acne reduction; skin Bright White degree of the average increase the 3 — 5 degrees, slightly whiter than before, touch when the obvious feeling silky.

Session 2 :
– to Perfect White needle week 1 : After a week 2 of the continued to repair and added that the dark spots, acne, wrinkles significantly lighter, the skin lock water capacity strengthening, the skin Bright White degree of    the average increase the less than 5 degrees, delicate tender, the skin than before use a significant turned white thinning.

Session 3 : After 3 weeks
– of the used, the skin delicate, compact, dark spots, acne, acne get there is good improvement or disappeared, the skin resistance to external stimulate the ability and self- ability to recover significantly strengthened. Red, whitening, shiny, the whole body skin showing young healthy whitening state.

Session 4 : After 4 weeks
– the effect will get comprehensive curing and improvement, fair- skinned young, delicate and moving, flexible and shiny, restore the beautiful healthy state.

Session 5 : After 5 weeks
– in summary, United white needle of whitening effect with the user frequency of use, the skin condition may be. In general, injection of whitening needle after systemic dull, uneven, facial pigmentation, rough skin, photoaging and travel tanning sunburn situation will be improved.


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