Sun exposure, stress, pollution, cigarette smoke and unhealthy lifestyle will caused an early skin aging. It can be seen through the skin color began to dull, uneven texture, elasticity decreases and loss of skin moisture. To overcome these problems, The time has come a new innovations of  Teosyal to get fair skin glowing and humid with optimal resilience in a relatively short time. Form of micro injection with products containing hyaluronic acid gel, 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals and 1 vitamin.


Teosyal is a company that has long been engaged in the filler’s production, add a volume to a dent in the face as a result of deterioration of collagen. This time Teosyal has made a new breakthrough for the need to rejuvenate the skin by injection with a fine needle called micro injection. Micro injection doing by spreading over the face, can also be done around the neck and upper chest. These injections have been shown safety and comfortable without pain (said by 92% of patients).


For those of you who feel the skin look dull, tired, sagging and wrinkles begin to appear or fine lines then Teosyal Redensity Light Filling is a therapeutic solution in a short time, without any downtime with real results. The treatment is advised to be as much as 3 sessions with an interval of 3 weeks. One month after the session 3 then there were improvements from the aspect of the skin brightness up to 67%, increasing to 69% moisture and wrinkle improvement up to 83%.


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