•  What is Autologous Cell Therapy ?

REGEN ACR is received from patient’s own blood in order to  biostimulate skin cells. Autologous Cell Therapy uses the richness of growth factors contained in platelet rich plasma and the process of mesenchymal stem cells stimulation to regenerate and revitalize damaged skin.


  • What is Platelet Rich Plasma REGEN ACR and how it is received ?

REGEN ACR is an autologous concentrate  of human blood cells in a small amount of plasma.

Platelet rich plasma contains many fundamental protein growth factors which are excreted by activated cell platelets in order to initiate the process of tissue regeneration.

Because all compenents of platelet are 100% biocompatible (obtained from patient’s own  blood) the risk of immunological reaction is eliminated.

Preparing platelet rich plasma REGEN ACR is an extremely easy and quick process.

Blood collected from the patient to special tubes is centrifuged in order to obtain platelet rich plasma with leucocytes separated from erythrocytes. Precise separation of the platelet rich plasma from red cells is possible thanks to special, patented gel placed in tubes.

Obtained platelet rich plasma, mixed with special activating component is ready to be given to a patient. Depending on indication and used set, REGEN ACR can be given as :

– Nappage or classic mesotheraphy

– Intradermal injection – volumetric therapy biostimulating skin cells

REGEN ACR – mechanism of action

By injecting REGEN ACR directly  to proper layers of dermis we increase the ability and speed up the process of tissue regeneration and reconstructions



– Activates the process of tissue regeneration

– Supports the process of angiogenesis (creating new blood vessels)

– Activates mesenchymal stem cells

– Stimulates fibroblasts to creater new collagen

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